Diving into the crystal-clear waters of a swimming pool in sunny Northeast Florida may seem like pure bliss. But as you may know, behind the scenes, it’s a whole different story. Cleaning and maintaining your pool in this state is no walk in the park; In the greater Jacksonville area, it’s a constant battle against the elements that can turn your oasis into a maintenance nightmare.

As the harsh Florida sun beats down relentlessly, it battles the chemical balance of your pool, leaving you with the daunting task of constant pool service and maintenance. Leaves, twigs, and other debris have a knack for finding their way into your pool, demanding your attention with regular clean-ups.

Sure, you could attempt to be a pool wizard, invest in expensive pool cleaning equipment and tackle all these challenges yourself, but it’s a slippery slope of trial and error that can quickly drain your time and money.

But fear not! Our team of technicians at Endless Summer Pool Cleaning & Maintenance are experts in maintaining pools in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas. Our knowledgeable and skilled professionals are armed with the magical powers needed to keep your pool in top-notch condition. 

At Endless Summer Pool Cleaning we believe you should spend your time enjoying your pool, not working on it like a second job. When you rely on our expertise, you’ll be able to focus on splashing around in the water and basking in the joy of your pool without worries.

Stop fiddling with chemicals and equipment and allow the finest pool technicians in Northeast Florida to regularly clean and maintain your pool. Contact Endless Summer Pool Cleaning & Maintenance for services in Jacksonville and St. Johns county (St. Augustine). Let us reveal the magic behind our services and make your pool ownership dreams come true!

Our services
pool cleaning weekly services jacksonville fl

Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Keep your pool looking beautiful all year round. We provide full-service pool maintenance on a weekly basis at an affordable price. We are fully licensed and insured, & our staff has decades of experience.

pool repair service jacksonville

Pool Maintenance & Equipment Repair

We offer complete equipment repair by professionals with over 15 years of experience. We provide honest recommendations & use only quality parts. Pool pumps, filters, motors, lighting, salt systems & more!

pool cleaning pressure washing jacksonville fl

Pool Deck Pressure Washing & Sealing

Over time your pool deck can start to look ugly. Whether you have concrete, pavers, custom pool decking, or even travertine tile, our pressure washing services will restore the deck to its original beauty.

pool maintenance

Endless Summer Pool Cleaning is your one-stop destination for making your pool the relaxation station it’s supposed to be. As a locally owned and operated full-service pool cleaning and maintenance company, we take pride in transforming your pool into a paradisiacal oasis. No more worries, no more stress – just pure relaxation as we dive deep into the latest technological marvels to deliver the most exceptional results.

Picture this: your pool shimmering like a sapphire gem under the golden rays of the sun, inviting you to dive into its crystal-clear waters. But here’s the best part – you don’t have to lift a finger! Our team of expert pool enchanters works tirelessly to ensure your pool is not just in good shape, but in its absolute best form.

So, put away your pool cleaning woes and let us handle the magic. Embrace the ultimate luxury of sitting back and unwinding while we weave our spells of excellence. Your pool’s enchantment awaits – dive into the Endless Summer Pool Cleaning experience today!

green pool Service
green pool cleaning service jacksonville fl

A pool’s water turning dark, cloudy, and green is an unmistakable sign of trouble. This combination indicates the presence of an algae infestation, potential bacteria contamination, and compromised filtration system. While a dip in such water might be tempting, your health and safety come first.

At Endless Summer, we understand the urgency and importance of addressing this issue. We specialize in transforming neglected pools plagued by algae into crystal-clear, inviting oases. Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to eliminate algae, restore proper water chemistry, and optimize filtration. With our professional touch, your pool will undergo a remarkable revitalization, ensuring a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Say goodbye to an unwelcoming pool when you say hello to Endless Summer! 

Pool repair

When you or your family members are ready to use the pool, you expect it to be perfect. However, when something is broken or you have equipment issues or other problems, it can be extremely frustrating. At Endless Summer Pool Cleaning and Maintenance, we are partnered with the best pool repair contractors in North Florida. 

  • Replacement filters
  • Replacement motors and parts
  • Leak detection & above ground leak repair
  • New pump and motor installation
  • New Filter installation or upgrades
  • Automated panel diagnostics and repair
  • Misc. plumbing repairs
  • Misc. parts (skimmer baskets, pump strainers etc)
  • Salt water system replacement cells and new installation
  • Heater installation (no repairs)
  • Pool cleaner repair and installation
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